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Universal Dry Transformer Manufacturing in India

Universal Magnetics an universal Dry Transformer Manufacturer in India, has developed various types of highly reliable Dry Transformers by implementing value management technique in designing and manufacturing of Dry Type Transformers.
Our company was founded by an NRI Electrical Engineer, in the year 1987 utilizing his valuable experience over twenty years in designing and development of Dry Type Transformers in U.K. & U.S.A. He had gathered experience in working with all National and International Standard related to designing and manufacturing of Dry Type Transformers for various applications with a high orientation towards quality and reliability. Of course, the major part of the success of our company attribute to transferring the value management technique of the western world to our country. The quality of the product is fully dependent not only on design and production technique but also by utilizing skilled and trained human resources with a good foundation of value management.
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