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The special features of our products are as below
Conductor Covering :
HV Conductors (E.C. Grade Copper) are double covered with 2 mil Thick Nomex Papers with 50:50 overlap. Double covering is done in our plant by automatic covering machine with one covering in clockwise and other one anticlockwise direction which offers the highest level of insulating properties.
HV Conductors Covering
Enclosure :
Ventilated Indoor Style Unit with extra Chimney Type Roof Top Cooling Ė 2500 KVA Distribution Transformer.
Ventilated Indoor
Over Load Capacity :
We design our transformers with 70°C, 90°C or 115°C Temperature Rise (As per customerís requirement) while using our standard Class - C Insulation with allowable Temperature Rise of 140°C over 40°C Ambient as per I.S. Therefore, our transformer is capable of withstanding 10% to 25% Over Load Capacity continuously without sacrificing the normal life expectancy depending on specified temperature rise by customers.
Impregnation :
Wound coils are impregnated in Silicone Varnish by Vacuum Pressure System. As the Silicone Varnish is a Low Viscous Liquid than Epoxy Resin and cured thermally under graduated temperature inside the oven. During the long curing cycle for 12 hours, the varnish penetrate slowly deep inside the coil by natural capillary action contributing mechanical strength and dielectric properties of the coil.
Assembly :
Core and Coil assembly is done by using all high temperature & high dielectric insulating materials in such a manner that entire assembly should be capable of achieving highest electrical and mechanical stresses along with best heat dissipation causing low temperature rise. This assembly also ensures excellent impulse voltage and short circuit current withstand capabilities along with enough flexibility to dismantle assembly even at site.

We also have an unique production technique of assembling Fibre Glass Duct Sticks with Fibre Glass Support Blocks by interlocking them to obtain best mechanical rigidity.
Core and Coil assembly
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