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Profile- Transformer Manufacturing in India

Transformer manufacturer in India
Universal Magnetics Transformer Manufacturer in India has developed various types of highly reliable Dry Type Transformers by implementing value management technique in designing and manufacturing of Universal Dry Transformer. Our company was founded by an NRI Electrical Engineer, in the year 1987 utilizing his valuable experience over twenty years in designing and development of Dry Type Transformers in U.K. & U.S.A. He had gathered experience in working with all National and International Standard related to designing and manufacturing of Dry Type Transformers for various applications with a high orientation towards quality and reliability. Of course, the major part of the success of our company attribute to transferring the value management technique of the western world to our country. The quality of the product is fully dependent not only on design and production technique but also by utilizing skilled and trained human resources with a good foundation of value management.
The dry transformer manufacturering in India to fulfill the requirement of modern application itself should be considered as a unique value addition to power distribution system. This has introduced two very important features in the power distribution network safety and maintenance free installation. Therefore, Dry Type Transformers itself may be considered as an outcome of value management technique adopted in power distribution system. Our continuous efforts to serve various industries, utility companies and residential building complex by fulfilling their precise requirement have helped us to achieve our ultimate goal in terms of meeting of our products. Quality addition of our product has not only been accomplished by transferring western technology but also utilizing the superior quality raw materials available in our country and abroad. The Nomex Aramid Paper, made by DUPONT, U.S.A., as an insulating material on conductor is considered the best in transformer engineering and the windings impregnated in Class C Silicone Varnish under vacuum pressure impregnation procedure are also considered the state of art in transformer engineering. We have adopted both techniques in our product to achieve almost ZERO FAILURE while serving various prestigious customers all over India during last twenty years.
Universal transformer India
We are proud to claim our superiority over other manufacturers in the following areas :
  1. We use Nomex Aramid Papers Calendered Type 410 (DUPONT Make) as conductor insulation which has the highest thermal withstand capability as well as dielectric property over and above the normally specified by the customer.

  2. We use Silicone Varnish for vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) of coils (Class C, 200°C) which belongs to highest thermal class. Most of our competitors use Epoxy Resin (Class F, 155°C) whose thermal class rating is 45°C lower than Silicone Varnish. Therefore, by using Class C, Nomex Paper insulation in the coil followed by vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) in Silicone Varnish guarantees true Class C, 200°C insulation property of the winding.

  3. Customers normally specify transformers with Class F insulation in compliance with easy availability in the market. While selecting our product with Class C insulation they are purchasing the transformers capable of operating beyond their KVA requirement (approximately 20%) which may be utilized in the future to supply additional load. Again when an electrical power equipment runs below the specified temperature limit, it always should have longer life expectancy.

  4. We manufacture LV Windings of our transformers with Copper Foils which is the state of art in transformer manufacturing. We have been very successfully manufacturing copper foil wound transformers over 20 years while many of our competitors have failed to acquire this technology. Foil wound transformers are extremely rugged in construction and have better short circuit withstand capability in comparison to multiple strip winding transformers. This type of winding gives lower eddy losses and lower hottest spot temperature in comparison to conventional multiple strip conductors wound coils as it behaves as a conductor cum heat sink.
We hereby conclude that we manufacture transformers assuring totally trouble free operation alongwith longer life expectancy, higher efficiency and built in overload capacity still staying competitive in price with other manufacturers by adopting Value Methodology in manufacturing.