Dry Type Transformer

Universal Magnetics' Dry Type Transformer with VPI technology are designed to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs. These transformers are designed to eliminate the need for oil or other liquid cooling agents, and instead use a vacuum pressure impregnation process to protect the transformer's windings and core from moisture and other environmental factors. This not only improves safety and reduces the risk of fire, but also extends the transformer's lifespan. In addition to this, the transformer's utilizes Nomex Aramid paper, made by DuPont, U.S.A as an insulating material on the conductor. This material is known for its excellent thermal stability and high dielectric strength, making it an ideal choice for use in transformer insulation. These transformers are also energy efficient and have a small footprint, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings. With its combination of safety, efficiency, and durability, Universal Magnetics' Dry Type Transformers with VPI technology are an excellent choice for any organization looking to upgrade its power infrastructure.

Benefits of Dry Type Transformer

  • Comprehensive, sustainable and flexible solutionfor low voltage (LV) power distribution from medium voltage (MV) network

  • Prefabricated, factory-tested and ready to install compartmentalised metallic enclosure, containing state-of-the-art MV switchgear, Dry Type Distribution Transformer, LV switchboards, connections and auxiliary equipment

  • Can cater up to 2500 KVA of electrical power to the LV network

  • Can be customised according to customer specification to match the space availability, power handing volume and aesthetic needs of the surrounding environment

Features of Dry Type Transformer

  • Space and time-saving installations for distribution utilities, industries, real estate and commercial applications

  • High degree of safety for operators and the public as all live components are protected against accidental contact with fully earthed metal enclosure and tamper-proof lockable doors

  • No fire hazarddue to the presence of dry type VPI transformer and SF6 insulated RMU

  • Optimal use of available ground spacesince CSS can be installed almost anywhere – next to the driveway or parking lot, or building rooftops, or in the basement

  • Minimal efforts for onsite installation and handling

  • Easy to transportfactory-built assembly for remote installations, requiring only RCC foundation, external power and earth cable connections atthe site

Technical Specifications

Duty type Outdoor or indoor, pole or ground mounted
Rating Upto 3000 KVA
Voltage class Upto 11KV
No of phases 3
Winding material Copper
Tap changer Off-circuit or on-load
Insulation class C
Applicable standards IS 11171 - 1985
Overload Capacity 10% Continous