Cable Reeling Drum

Cable Reeling Drums are used for automatic reeling and unreeling of flexible trailing cables for current-consuming mobile machines, whose travel is mostly track bound. The spring acts as the drive force. The spring drum is used for small sizes and lengths of cable. Due to the limited torque available from the spring, the size and length of cable that can be wound is limited. The life of the spring depends upon the number of operations i.e. the working cycle. The application of spring drum is limited to electro-magnets, machine tools, etc.

Magnetic Separator

In cases where the magnet cannot be installed at an angle over the discharge point, it may be suspended parallel to and above the conveyor belt. Selection of the proper magnetic separator for any application requires very careful evaluation of all operating conditions and separation objectives. The magnetic field configuration of any magnetic separator, regardless of type, should profile the conveyor belt for maximum tramp removal. To help proper selection, to enable us to recommend the most efficient and economical magnet, the following information is required -

Vibrating Feeder

Controlled mechanical vibrations are used in the transfer of bulk material in the form of solid, powder or granule form. Controlled mechanical vibrations can be produced by setting predetermined frequency and amplitude.

Slipring Assembly

Slipring Assemblies are used for carrying electrical current from a stationary part to a rotating part of an equipment such as Rotary Crane, Rotary Reclaimer, Cable Reeling Drum, Excavator,Circular blenders, Rotatory Kilns etc. The sliprings or the brush holders can be mounted either on the fixed or the rotating part of the machinery as per machine design.

Pulse Metal Detector

Electro Zavod Metal Detectors with rugged design and continuous heavy- duty usage, are field proven. Electro Zavod’s R & D and continuous innovations ensure the performance and reliability of Metal Detectors.Electro Zavod Metal Detectors detect the presence of metals-both magnetic and non-magnetic in moving bulk material. Tramp Metal affects many Industries, and presents Quality Control problems or a Hazard to processing equipments i.e. Crushers, Ball Mills, Conveyor Belts, etc. Electro Zavod Metal Detectors meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of industries like Iron Ore, Metallic Ore, Cement, Coal, etc.