Circular Motion Screen

Circular Motion Screens are operated either by a single shaft vibrator or by a single unbalance motor. Due to the eccentricity of the shaft in the case of single shaft drive, a controlled circular motion is produced. In the case of a single unbalance motor drive, the circular motion is produced by the unbalanced weights on the rotor shaft. These screens have a slope varying in between 15 to 25 degree. They are commonly used with a combination of low amplitude of vibration and high frequency.

Linear Motion

Circular Motion Screens are operated either by a mechanical exciter or two unbalance motors. In both cases rotation in opposite directions creates linear vibration. Linear motion screens are very high performance machines, in terms of capacity and efficiency. They have a low inclination which varies between 0 degree and 15 degree. The drive is a combination of high amplitude and low frequency of vibration.

Grizzly Screen

Grizzly screens are usually employed to extract coarse material from storage hoppers and convey it to downstream crushers. They are used for screening smaller grain size in the feed material which do not need crushing. Electro Zavod grizzly screens are specially designed for such application. Electro Zavod grizzly screens are produced with one or two decks. The top deck feeds coarse material to the crusher and the lower deck screens the balance material in two separate grain sizes.

Dewatering Screen

Dewatering Screens are used for separation of solids from liquids. Best results are achieved with screens which are slightly inclined so that the mass of solids can accumulate and build up. As adjustable discharge plate allows for fine-tuning. A high frequency of vibration increases efficiency of sizing and dewatering.